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My name is Ivana and I am licensed guide for UNESCO protected city of Dubrovnik, where I was born and raised. While my specialty is history since I have MA in Archaeology, I am also a big fan of ‘Game of Thrones’ so I am specialist in touring fictional ‘King’s Landing’ alter ego of Dubrovnik as well as the historical one.
I guide in Croatian, English and Japanese.


about got2du

When I started as a freelance guide, I opened my GOT2DU to develop a new angle in walking and sightseeing tours. There are things about this City which only a local can share, and stories that up to this day remain untold, as they lie forgotten off the beaten tracks. I am here to share those unseen bits of my town with you so you can see and appreciate it from a whole new perspective.
My objective is to offer private tailored tours to suit your unique set of interests, but also to organize group fun for those who are inclined to see and experience things a bit differently. Whether you just want a chat and a perspective from a local, see beyond the postcard city, or participate in the interactive tours to learn about Dubrovnik through games and challenges rather than just observing the city, I can make a tour that will fit just you.


GOT2DU ...for those who want to go local!

One thing to do when in Dubrovnik is experience the notorious/holy habits of the locals – perhaps it is coffee drinking, perhaps sipping on ‘black’ wine or best local beer, but why not get an orientation about the city while relaxing and chilling like a local? Learn all you have to learn to enjoy your stay here, get recommendations, warnings and tips while you chat away from crowds!

GOT2DU ...for those who want to experience Dubrovnik to the fullest!

Tailored private tour that guides you through Dubrovnik while adjusting to your own interests and desires. Whether you are interested in history, archaeology, religion or architecture… or you prefer shopping, jewellery, leisure or wines – Dubrovnik has as many angles to show off as guests visiting us have interests! I’ll make sure you have a fun day that suits you just right!
Length depending on desired itinerary.

GOT2DU … for those who want to experience Dubrovnik to the fullest!

GOT2DU ... for those who like something different!

Many secrets of Dubrovnik lie just beyond the common trails polished by numerous visitors, and some stories are better told when twilight shrouds the city, by a costumed guide. This evening tour starts just before sunset and it will lead you to the locations outside and within the city walls, where many rarely visited secrets wait for you. Witness the beauty of Dubrovnik at night while we visit notorious spots of this small town – learn all about our ghosts, miracles, rumoured masonic rituals and legends.

GOT2DU ...for Thronies which are also into history and don't mind stairs!

Visit numerous locations where iconic scenes from ‘Game of Thrones’ were filmed, comparing real sets with magic that happens on the screen. The actual historical locations that were used for filming serve as a link to the European history, allowing us to explore the devious medieval world that inspired George R.R. Martin to write his amazing books. Following the trail of the crew tour leads you off the beaten track – to the fortifications and charming backstreets of Dubrovnik, offering new perspective on this small medieval town. As an extra who participated in the filming, I will also tell you about my personal experience and impressions, and explain why I love this amazing production even more now that I had a privilege of being a part of it.

GOT2DU ...for Thronies who want to avoid heat and crowds with costumed guide!

Let a guide lead you through Dubrovnik’s evening – hiding from the heat and crowds of the day time Old City, explore the famous highlights of the medieval city, including those locations which were used for the filming of the ‘Game of Thrones’. Learn to appreciate both Dubrovnik and the show by comparing how real history inspired a great writer for the story of treacherous world of Westeros.

GOT2DU ...for those who want to see surroundings!

Dubrovnik Old City is not the only thing to see here! Plenty of hidden, beautiful locations in the countryside!

GOT2DU ...for those who want to play!

If you would like a themed medieval or ‘Game of Thrones’ team building, treasure hunt or a game organized for you, please contact me and we’ll organize it to suit your needs!


  • Keep up with the great job you do 🙂 What else to say besides ''Simply the best''

    Vesna Lukic-
  • Ivana had all the inside information and kept us entertained from the beginning to the very end of the tour! She is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic! She was more than happy to answer our questions! I would definitely do this tour again! This is a must do for every GoT fan!

    Indira Paščanović Stanić-
  • I loved the way you entangled the history of medieval Dubrovnik with the fantastical world of GoT, very interesting and smart.

    Marija Milovac-


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